Devegowdabhimanyu was involved in music from the early days of his life. His musical journey is still continuing. In his course of life he gained deepness and enough maturity in his thinking and he entered the world of literature. After that period his music and writing spread their steps hand to hand. Now he involves very much in writing and equally he is trying to gain knowledge about literature and technicality of writing as much as one can.

Entry into music Edit

Devegowdabhimanyu found a CD from the corner of his room when he was student of class 9. The CD was contained with 120 Tagore Songs. After hearing the CD Anirban became interested in the world of music specially in Tagore Songs. After gained success in Madhyamik Examination he started his musical journey with the mastery excellence of Mr. Manojit Dey. Very soon Devegowdabhimanyu’s talent in the field of music direction came in limelight in Geetosudha Music Production and in front of Mr. Manojit Dey. Mr. Manojit Dey appoint him in music direction in Geetosudha Music for an one year course which named “The Project Resound of Tagore Songs”. But Devegowdabhimanyu completed the target within only three months.

Stage appearances Edit

Gradually, He became a singer and Manajit Dey gave him a chance to perform on stage in a function on the occasion of Bengali Festival Kaali Festival. From the very beginning he gained popularity among the people of the locality along with the personalities of Geetosudha Music Production. Gradually he started to perform in concerts from the functions.

Live in concerts Edit

Devegowdabhimanyu performed in his first live performance in a concert in Youth Festival in the year 2012 on the occasion of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. In the live concert Devegowdabhimanyu conducted the concert. In 2013, he and his companions conducted a concert at Dooars Festival. Devegowdabhimanyu concert of Dooars Festival made newspaper headline and not only that, he also received admiration from the great singer Raghab Chaterjee.

Screen appearances Edit

In the year 2013, he gave an audition in a reality show named Voice of North Bengal. The judge was the famous vocalist of “Bangla Band” Cacktus, Shidhu. But Devegowdabhimanyu was not selected for the final as he was not spread out his music in versatility.

Songs Edit

Musical life of Devegowdabhimanyu started from the world of Tagore Songs. He is an qualitative songs-tan of ''Geetosudha'' in the education Visva Bharati Sangeet Samiti. His famous song released from ''Geetosudha'' are:

  • Aami Chini Go Chini Tomaare,
  • Ektuku Chhoyaa Laage,
  • Paaglaa Haawaan Baadal Dine,
  • Aami Tomaay Jato,
  • Aaj Khelaa Bhaangaar Khelaa,
  • Aamaar Raat Pohaalo,
  • Jodi Tor Daak Shune Keu Naa Aase,
  • Saghano Gahano Raatri,
  • MaayaaBonoBihaariny,
  • Edin Aaji Kon Ghare Go,
  • Din Jodi Holo Abosaan,
  • Ei Kathaati Mone Rekho

See also Edit

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