Shreya Ghoshal Shraddhyanjali is a romantic personification poetry written by the Indian poet Devegowdabhimanyu and proofreading by Bivashkanti Guptabakhi, the founder and chief executive officer of Salok Publishers. The original Bengali language poem was published in 2015, 26 October by Salok Publishers.

The English edition of this poetry Shreya Ghoshal Shraddhyanjali became very famous in the Indian state West Bengal. The word Shraddhyanjali is composed from "shraddhya", respect, and "anjali", offering, and thus means – "Tribute"; but the word for offering, anjali, has a strong direction of Bengali word in English translation so the title may also be interpreted as "A Big Tribute to Shreya Ghoshal". 

In favor of Salok Publishers publish by Devegowdabhimanyu and Bivashkanti Guptabakshi from Alipurduar , West Bengal, India . Devegowdabhimanyu says that "Shreya Ghoshal is a auspicious artist. Her continual voice create an abstract musical noise that throw down by a sweet tempest of my mind."

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